Some things to be aware of...

  1. You CANNOT use I-CAN!® E-File to file your State return by itself; you can do your Federal and State returns together or your Federal return by itself. If you have already e-filed your Federal return with another software, you cannot use I-CAN!® E-File.

  2. You can generally use I-CAN!® E-File unless you (or your spouse, if filing together) are in the military, are a church employee, are a non-resident alien, sold real estate or you or your employer have a non-US address. For more information, see the Limitations of I-CAN!® E-File.

  3. Please only use the letters in the English alphabet for your name and throughout your return. Do not include accent marks or special characters (for example: ñ). If you include special characters, your e-filing will be delayed.

  4. Please make sure you have ALL of your tax documents before you e-file. You may start entering your information into I-CAN!® E-File before you have all of your documents and click "SAVE/EXIT" before you get to the e-file confirmation screen.

  5. Please review your forms to make sure your information is correct and check to see that you are receiving the credits you think you should receive before you e-file. For more information, see the Credits and Forms I-CAN!® E-File Supports. Once you e-file you cannot change your information. If you discover that your return is not complete or not correct after your return is accepted, you will need to amend your return and you cannot do this using I-CAN!® E-File. We want you to be satisfied with I-CAN!® E-File. Please make sure you do not e-file your return until you have reviewed your tax forms.